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about us

Gordon Clarke Architects was created to fill a niche that exists between the "barefoot" architects who work on small projects at the extreme edge of sustainable construction and the large corporate practices, many of whom still offer only a cursory nod towards the challenges facing our modern society.

We bridge the gap, offering a caring, conscientious attitude towards design, whilst having the capacity and professionalism to deliver projects large and small.

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We care about people. We believe in a fair world for all. We believe that good design and good business ethics can work together to help build a better world for everyone.

The building industry is a huge consumer of world resources, and it is the responsibility of all involved in the commissioning of buildings to ensure that work is carried out in a manner that preserves the dignity of everyone involved in the production chain across the world.

We have learned that this does not need to add excessive cost, but may require some careful study of the supply chains and resources. Keeping trade as local as possible helps to ensure that the effects of the work we do is managed properly.



We design bespoke buildings for their own individual sites. Organic architecture is different to organic agriculture.

It is about the spirit of the place.

Each place is unique, with its own geology, soil, life and atmosphere. Listening to the spirit of the place helps us to find the formative processes that are right for the building. These will be quite different in a dense urban environment from the wilds of the countryside.

The concept of organic architecture goes much deeper than the use of natural materials and softer forms, it is essentially about bringing to expression the sensitive relationships that exist between things.



We care about the environment. The technology of low energy buildings has become more commonplace but the impact the building has on the environment is about more than energy and must be examined in a holistic way.

Earth - the resources consumed by the physical building process and the consumption of substances in the use of the building can come from near or far, and be the output of a highly industrialised process, or hewn amd assembled by skilled craftspeople. Each produces a different sort of building.

Water - the way in which water is managed, particularly in the use of the building, can vary dramatically between a building designed for minimal use and maximum recycling, from one which sees water as a free and endless resource.

Air - the very air we breathe can be polluted by the toxins produced by industrial construction components, or cleaned and purified by a healthy building biology.

Fire - Energy is about far more than solar panels, the dynamic energy systems in a building should be integrated deep into the architectural concepts that underly their form.



We have been operating for over ten years producing buildings for a range of clients from large corporations, to small charities and private individuals. Whatever your project, we offer the same professional approach and attention to detail throughout the design and construction process.

We are registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB) as well as Chartered Architects with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). We are members of the Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB) and members of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB). We are registered Church Architects in a number of Diocese.

Our practice contains the following disciplines:

  • Client advice, Masterplanning and Feasibility Studies.
  • Architectural Design.
  • Historic Building Conservation work, Surveys, Grant Applications and Quinquennial Inspections.
  • Planning and Listed Building Applications.
  • Buillding Regulations Applications.
  • Contract Preparation and Administration.
  • Technical Detailing, particularly for low energy design and natural building materials.

We also offer talks and workshops on a number of topics.


The following is a small selection of our clients:

Ruskin Mill Educational Trust (various projects)
The Hiram Trust (new Field Centre)
Stroud Christian Community (new church and community facilities)
Hawkwood College (educational and residential facilities)
Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust (ecological visitor centre)
Mars plc. (new corporate facilities and masterplan)
The Representative Body of the Church in Wales. (headquarters)
Pedigree Petfoods (pet centre)
Slimbridge Wildfoul and Wetlands Centre (alterations to visitor centre)
RWEnPower (environment education centre)
Westmorland Ltd (ecological service station)
Persimmon Homes (new housing scheme with low energy design)
Churches (restorations, new facilities, quinquennial inspections)
British Waterways (various schemes for waterside sites)